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Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic Church
 Outlook, Saskatchewan



Because Father Godwin is looking after four parishes, Sunday Eucharist times are on a rotation basis for one month at a time except for July & August mass times which remain the same for both months.  Parishes have a Lay Presided Celebration of the Word and Communion service once a month to facilitate the weekend rotation of Masses by our Pastor.  Please check Calendar for weekday mass times.  



In the beginning of the Book of Genesis, we read that God rested after the six days of creation. God 'sat back' and delighted in all of creation. God saw that it "was good"! When God looked on humanity, man and woman, God found them "VERY good"! (Genesis 1:31).

Sunday is a day different from the others. It is a day of rest from our usual work, a day we take to be re-created in body, mind and spirit as we gather with the community in prayer and celebration. As God found it good to 'sit back' and relax and enjoy the works of creation, is it not also good for us to take one day to relax and rest, to enjoy nature and each other in a way different from the other six days of the week? Sunday is a special day because it is the Lord's Day.


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