Fr. Joseph's 30th Anniversary of Ordination Fr. Joseph's 30th Anniversary of Ordination The celebration was hosted by the Kenaston Parish. 129986241 The anniversary celebration began with the celebration of mass at St. Andrew's Church in Kenaston. 129986264 129986265 129986266 129986267 129986268 129986269 129986270 The cutest guest. 129986272 Father Joseph welcomes everyone to the banquet and leads Grace before the meal. 129986273 129986242 129986244 129986245 129986243 129986247 129986246 129986279 129986280 129986292 Allan Kerpan is the M.C. for the evening. 129986250 Allan Kerpan had a few jokes to tell along the way. 129986286 Father Joseph given the front row seat during the program. 129986258 Milton Kretsch of the Elbow parish presents their congratulations and thanks to Father Joseph in the form of a poem. 129986254 Father is enjoying the live puppet show. 129986252 129986253 Stacey Siroski of Davidson sings one of her favorite songs. 129986255 Agatha Rupcich thanks Father on behalf of the weekday mass group in Kenaston. 129986288 Gerard Zdunich of Kenaston presents contratulatory message on behalf of the Davidson Pastoral Region. 129986289 Allan Kerpan presents Fr. Joseph with a plaque on behalf of all parishes. 129986259 Mary Jane Morrison presents Fr. Joseph's bio. 129986276 Fr. Joseph Baptist Okai, who gave us an engaging homily at the mass, now makes us laugh with his humorous account of seminary life with Fr. Joseph. 129986275 129986274 Fr. Emmanuel Banahene also speaks after the banquet. 129986287 Very Rev. Ron Beechinor, Diocesan Vicar General, presents contratulations and sincere thanks to Fr. Joseph on behalf of Bishop Bolen. 129986277 Singers from Kenaston and Davidson parishes. 129986278 Outlook catechism students getting equipment set up for the PowerPoint show they have prepared. 129986282 130000833 130000834 Outlook catechism students. 129986249 Lisa Clark invites guests to lay hands on Father Joseph while Outlook parish sings a blessing song. 129986285 May the blessing of the Lord be upon you Father Joseph! 129986284 Outlook parish sings a blessing for Father Joseph. 129986283 130000835 130000832 Our shepherd, Father Joseph Gyim-Austin, pastor to the Davidson Pastoral Region. 129986261 Father sings for us acapella ....which he does so well! 129986262 129986290 Father Joseph with his friends and fellow priests. 129986263 129986240 Congratulations, joy & blessings to you Father Joseph from all of us in the Davidson Roman Catholic Pastoral Region. 129986248